You talk, we listen, and together we Storyflect.

Everyone has a story to tell.


Sharing our lives with the people around us is more than a luxury…it’s our duty.

That’s where we step in. Storyflect is a private publishing service that preserves your stories as an everlasting tangible. By capturing your voice within a custom Story Album, we’re committed to cementing your legacy. Our individualized interviews, premium writing services, and custom book design allows us to create a memoir that reflects your life.

You talk, we listen, and together we Storyflect.


Your stand against the tides of time.

Don’t let your brightest moments escape you. Crafting your own Story Album empowers you to claim your past to live your best future. Revisit the moments that capture the essence of who you are.


The Gift that Never Stops Giving.

The quiet ones typically have the most to say.

Gifting a Story Album is the perfect way to show a loved one that you care about their story. And it provides them with an avenue to share their memories with the people around them.


Our Story

I spent the bulk of my childhood trying to learn from my grandfather. Grandpa Stan was the type of person who made you hang on every word that came out of his mouth. He gave you the sense that listening to him was a surefire way of fulfilling your inner potential.

While I was always interested in my grandfather’s life story, I was too timid to pepper him with questions and he was too modest to dote upon his past. When he passed away, I had to grapple with more than the fact that I would never see him again. I had to face the realization that my family had lost his memories forever.

But they weren’t gone…at least not completely.

Upon his death, Grandpa Stan left his personal journal to me. I can still remember flipping through the pages for the first time. Reading the words was only part of it – by smelling the pages and gripping the cover, I was able to connect with my grandfather in the way that I had always sought. I was able to see the world through his eyes.

This experience built a resolve to never let a family member’s story go untold. I subjected my other grandfather, Harris Katleman, to a slew of interviews and began scrawling away in his voice. A few years later, his memoir was bought by Simon & Schuster and distributed for wide release. 

Though everyone’s story might not find itself onto the shelves of Barnes & Noble, everyone’s story is worth telling. That’s why I created Storyflect…to tell your story, in your voice. After all, what’s the past if it can’t enrich the present?

Nick Katleman, Founder of Storyflect



Our Principles


You’re the author of your story.

While our writers are trained professionals, there’s only one author of your story: you.  While we might be the ones manning the keyboard, your Story Albums will be told in your voice without distortion of fact or detail.


Boring stories don’t exist.

Stories aren’t boring in their natural form – rather, they become boring when they’re told the wrong way.  We’re committed to showing how special your stories are by doing them justice.


One size doesn’t fit all.

No two lives are identical, so no two stories should follow a cookie-cutter recipe. Storyflect is dedicated to building custom stories based on your experiences.


Moments beat summaries.

We don’t believe in summarizing your life stories like a Wikipedia article. Rather, our writers capture your life through a sequence of detailed moments that best express your experiences.


Your words are meant to be read.

Your Story Album should never collect dust. We’re committed to helping you create material that people will consume.