Our Process

Our seven-step process captures your stories with quickness and authenticity. 


Fill out our questionnaire.

Our questionnaire will help us determine which stories belong on the page. This step will allow us to tackle the questions about audience, structure, and tone that will ultimately shape your final product.


Meet with a Storyflect writer.

In a series of one-on-one meetings with a Storyflect-certified writer, we’ll discuss the material that will fill your Story Album. In addition to establishing plot and structure, your voice is equally as important. Not only are we focused on getting the facts of your life straight – we’re focused on capturing the factors that make you you.


Submit photographs and memorabilia.

Send us the images or files that you want incorporated into your Story Album, and our graphic designers will implement them into the text.


Review your outline.

You’ll receive a detailed outline that breaks down the structure of your Story Album. Together, we’ll review the technical elements such as pacing, tone, and organization.


Voice your design preferences.

While we craft the text, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss the design elements of your Story Album. Storyflect provides you with 100% flexibility surrounding the look and feel of your final product, allowing you to make key decisions about typeface, design, cover art, imprinting, and photographs.


Approve the manuscript.

After reviewing your outline and setting your design preferences, you’ll receive the text of your Story Album for final approval. We only move onto the printing phase once you feel comfortable about the integrity of your product. You’re the sole author of your Story Album, which means it should be perfect in your eyes.


Enjoy your Story Album.

After final approval, your Story Albums will be delivered to you. With savvy design and high-quality prose rendered in your voice, your stories will be preserved forever.