Your Story Album should look just as good as it reads. To accomplish that end, we’ve partnered with expert graphic designers and artisan bookmakers to create beautiful, custom products that endure the tests of time.



We hand-craft our covers in three materials: Standard Linen, Premium Linen, and Leather.

Iris Bookcloth.jpg

Standard Linen

A sleek cover that feels classic & refined.


Premium linen

Our premium linen covers offer an added pop with texture, sheen, and a wide array of colors.



Our leather covers are hand-crafted with Harmatan Goatskins, which are imported from Nigeria. Each skin is beautifully dyed and finished to the color of your choice.


Interior Text

Text & Image Integration

Rather than clumping your images into a center insert, our designers integrate your images into the text to make each page feel accessible.

Customized Design

Every component that goes into the interior of your story album is customized to your story. That includes font style, ornamental breaks, and image placement.



The pages between the cover are the meat of your story. That’s why we use the finest printing paper on the market.


Title Stamp

Whether you want to title your story album with words, artwork, or a mixture of both, we’ll work with you to create a custom design. All of our titles are stamped in a wide range of artisanal foils.



We offer a range of design offerings to make your story album feel even more distinctive.

Custom Slipcase

Our slipcase is a five-sided box that protects your story album. Each slipcase is hand-crafted to match your design.

Custom Clamshell Box

Our clamshell boxes are the perfect way to store your albums for generations to come. Each box is customized to your story album.

Marbled Endsheets

Select our hand-marbled endsheets imported from Cambridgeshire, England to give your story album a signature flair.

Decorated Edges

By hand-treating the edges of each page, our bookmakers make your stories beautiful even when your album is closed.

Bookmark Ribbon

Our silk bookmark ribbons are hand-glued into the spine of your album. A perfect way to never lose your place in a story.